Contributing to Secure Water Resources Mainly Through Sales,Plant Maintenance, and Service for Water Treatment Equipment of Business


We suggest and energy water including use of groundwater and the seawater water conversion or all total.

SeaWater Desalination

Reduction 60% Power Consumption

We realize a water conversion technology to change the resources called the seawater to a large quantity of fresh water, and to conjugate effectively.
We will contribute to the shortage of water at the result level concerned about in future.

The use of groundwater has much introduction by cost in Japan which is rich in aquatic resources, but there is a lot of it abroad when there is not water in itself.
For example, I lack in ability for earth-water preservation, and the security of the groundwater supplies the fresh water with the seawater water conversion device to various facilities from a very difficult thing including a hotel and a factory even if there is precipitation in Saipan.

Eco Style

A cost-reduced, environment-friendly energy-saving system

Power consumption per 1m³ when compared with convention systems

By using a new energy recovery system which reuses drainage pressure, we have been able to reduce power consumption by as much as 60% compared with conventional systems with no energy-saving system incorporated.

GroundWater Usage

Reduction of the waterworks rate by the use of groundwater

By paying waterworks rate as water supply charges, but by we dig a well in facilities, and process it by a film it becomes possible to brdrink.

These are general hospitals having 500 beds.
We introduced a film processing plant using groundwater into the reduction of waterworks and realized a cost cut of 20 million yen a year.
You can expect the reduction of electricity and the fuel of the air conditioning in winter coolly in the summer, too.
We introduced it into the welfare institution to be related to and secured the preparation as the water source for the disaster.


A Cost-Reduced, Environment-Friendly Energy-Saving System

Reduction 60% Power Consumption


SeaWater Desalination

Reduction 60% Power Consumption

Eco Style

A Cost-Reduced, Environment-Friendly

GroundWater Usage

By paying waterworks rate as water supply


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